Free Pinup Photoshoot!

Pinup is my all time favorite thing to photograph! If you’re interested in doing a Halloween themed pinup shoot then email me a photo and a list of outfits you have access to!  Email me @ !!! I’ll be choosing the best applicant October 10th, and the shoot will be the weekend of the 24th!

The Lizzi Van Dess Studios Event Photography team

25 Anniversary Party!

Check these amazing people out! This has got to be the best adult party I’ve been to in several years! I feel so honored, blessed, and privileged to have been able to shoot this event. I hope I get many more chances to spend time with these amazing ladies and gentlemen.


Please note that these photos are small. They are much smaller than the full images. Please don’t try to print these images.

There are over 200 photos here that I’ve chosen to post online so that the attendants can download and share them online. Please feel free to comment on individual photos, and if you are wanting any printed images please see the fabulous Ms Marie. She can send you full resolution copies for printing.

If you do share them on Facebook or such, please help me help others by sharing my link or name and giving me credit.

I sincerely hope you like them and if you need any adjustments I’ll be happy to tweak photos or apply special effects.



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